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This page is in memory of my dog Jak who died at Christmas 2014. 

Jack was an 18 year old rescue dog - abandoned by his previous owners at 16, blind in one eye and deaf. I had him for two years and in that time he raised thousands of pounds for local dog rescues. When he died I decided to continue to raise funds in his name and have held auctions and other events.  I also wanted to do something big to help animals all over the world so came up with the idea of doing a walk. Lots of Jak's friends on Facebook in UK USA & Australia said they would walk.

When we arranged a World Walk for animals in memory of Jak in 2015 we did not realise how popular it would be – thanks to people walking we raised over £8,000 for 42 animal charities world wide.  We have had people walking in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Europe and UK – so it was a global event.
Due to the popularity and enthusiasm of everyone involved we have decided to make this an annual event – the 2016 walk will be on 5th June (earlier in the year as many charities have events in September).  Most of the walkers are keen to do it again.  All we ask is for a small donation to Jak's Legacy and a photograph of your event.
Please register as soon as you can as the next one should be a really big event – we have already had many charities and individuals interested.  We have been in touch with the media in several countries and the more charities we get involved the better the publicity.

The walk is open to anyone you can either walk singly or in a group with or without pets. Please get people to sponsor you for your favourite animal charity. All we ask is a small donation to Jak's Legacy and for people to let us know how much they raise for their charity - this is to enable us to publish a grand total. Register on the web site. You can walk any distance to suit yourself.  

Jak's Legacy is now committed to help the elderly and special needs dogs at SYD (Saving Yorkshire Dogs).  At the moment we are providing medication for Honey who has a serious heart complaint and needs regular strong pain killers, Bobby our little boy who lost an eye and 2 new dogs – Minnie who at 14 was found roaming the streets (at the moment she is OK, but as with any elderly dog she could need medication at any time) and Holly who arrived at the weekend,  Holly is a 4 year old  St Bernard with epilepsy – when she is fostered or adopted we will take care of her medication.  Unfortunately we lost Bella a few months ago, but thanks to the care she received from her mum and our help she had a good year which she would not have had if we hadn't taken her into our care.
Not only do we have the walk but have other events throughout the year – we have regular tombolas, raffles and events in Pickering to keep the fund topped up as we never know when one of the dogs will need more help or when another will come along.  We are happy to receive prizes etc. any time as we can always use them.
Jak's Annual Auction will take place at Pickering Memorial Hall on 30th April 2016.   This year, as well as helping SYD we are also sharing with Maxi's Mates (Waterfall Kennels).  The pound at Guisborough is closing and they are converting buildings into kennels to house the stray and unwanted dogs.  We like to share our Auction with a charity and feel this group could use some help.  They took a very active part in our  animal walk this year and raised much needed funds.
Hopefully we will soon have time to put more items in the On Line Shop, we do have a selection of hats and scarves on at the moment, but there will be more to come.
Jak's Legacy is also collecting loose change to help provide food for Cyprus dogs – we heard about them when we were contacting groups about the walk.  They do need help with the food so thought this would be something we could do to help them.
The other thing we do for SYD is collect items for recycling – at the moment we are collecting used stamps (with a border round), wine corks and Tassimo pods.
A big thank you to Hilary who runs this web site so efficiently and to everyone who has helped in any way to make Jak's Legacy bigger and stronger than ever. It is nearly 3 years since I first met him and little did I know what an impression he would make on so many people's lives
If you simply want to make a donation to Jak's Legacy, you can do so through PayPal here:   Please specify that it is a gift for friends or family.

Thanks for stopping by.

Kate Collier
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