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There are still so many tributes coming in for Jak from people we do not know so I would like to take this opportunity of telling you a little about him. He was rescued from the pound (we thought he was 14 - but the vet says he was nearer 16). He was fostered by Helen until a home could be found for him. EARS knew I was looking for an elderly dog to foster myself after tragically losing my Maxie so suggested I take him on until a home was found for him. They thought he would be better on a one to one. I remember the afternoon Helen brought him - he came in and settled in his bed immediately.  Apparently he liked to sleep in the bedroom but spent around half an hour rearranging his bed before he settled - yes he often did this. I took him out to meet his (soon to be) best mates from school and then to Capplemans for fish & chips. I was asked to let the rescue know how he was on my FB page but within hours he had so many people wanting to get to know him I thought he should have his own page. He got so many friends and I think most of you are my friends for life too. He walked everywhere and where I went he did most of the time. He loved going to dog shows and I took him fund raising. He loved going to parties and out to lunch. He only had one eye but loved watching people when he got to sit in the window at the wine bar (his favourite place and took me for a coffee a couple of days before he died). He liked going to church and even met the Archbishop of York. All the fund raising now had Jak as the figurehead.

When SYD was formed we decided Jak would raise funds for Bella who has hip dysplasia. At first we thought she was going to have an operation on both hips, but the medication seemed to be helping her so we raise funds for this and took on another two dogs Honey and Bobby who are also fostered. The medication for all three costs around £300 a month, so Jak set to work with his on-line sales and auctions to raise funds. We will carry on in his memory to help these dogs. Jak met them at the Christmas Fair - he loved big bouncing Bella every time he saw her.
Earlier in the year when we were taking Jak to see his Granddad he found walking distances quite difficult so we carried him in my shopping bag and managed to take a photo which everyone loves - JAK IN THE BAG . His lovely friend Lisa gave him a buggy but it was too big for the car so we just took him around town in it. On seeing this, many of his FB friends clubbed together and bought him his "Jakmobile". This enabled us to go further afield. We did a sponsored walk (a mile a day for 100 days and raised nearly £500). Everyone who met Jak was captivated by him. So many stories - someone kept saying I should write a book about him, but I couldn't do that.

Jak's memory is in my house, two of his toys guard his precious box and another went to his friend Perry in Australia - he was my little hero and I miss him so much. Jak's Legacy will live on.
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